Legacy® Floor Mixer

Hobart Legacy Mixers deliver repeat performances daily. So you can, too.

Legacy® Floor Mixer

Quick Facts

  • Available in 30-, 40-, 60-, 80- and 140-quart models
  • Exclusive swing-out bowl for ease of adding, taking out product; mounting and changing bowls
  • Major components tested under extreme conditions by the Hobart Technical Center, unique in the industry, for durability and dependability
  • Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology for changing speeds while mixer is running
  • Power Bowl Lift button takes heavy lifting out of mixing
  • Consistent mixing with traditional Hobart mixing speeds
  • SmartTimer™ for precise mixing
2011 BIC mixer

The Legacy continues the Hobart tradition of supporting your performances, day in and day out.

It’s why it’s called the Legacy. Hobart mixers have been faithfully whipping, beating and kneading—delivering the mix consistency that has set an industry standard.

Unique in the industry, the Hobart Technical Center tests major components under extreme conditions to discover whether a mixer can stand up to years of demanding foodservice and food retail use. They put the Legacy’s Power Bowl Lift and switches through tests that run for hundred of thousands of cycles.

Similar tests are performed based on electrical, mechanical, vibration, shock, humidity, voltage, cleaning chemicals and food criteria. So far, among all the mixers tested, only one has passed. The Legacy.

Almost a century of consistency.

Although the Legacy incorporates many mixing innovations—the swing-out bowl, Shift-on-the-Fly and more (see Ease of Use)—the fixed agitator speeds are exactly the same, ensuring that you get the same mixing consistency you’ve always had with your Hobart mixer.

The SmartTimer is a 15-minute timer that lets you be even more precise in the consistency of your mixes. In fact, the Legacy mixer gives you a lot more control over the mixing process. You can Shift-on-the-Fly and change speeds while the mixer is running. You can also add ingredients without worrying about product splash-out with Stir Speed.

A Legacy for every operation.

The Hobart Legacy floor mixer is available in 30-, 40-, 60-, 80- and 140-quart bowl sizes. The 60, 80 and 140 have the Power Bowl Lift button for raising and lowering the bowl. The 30 and 40 have an ergonomic lift handle that lets the operator effortlessly raise and lower the bowl, a feature they share with the Legacy counter models.

The Legacy introduced a new era of ease and efficiency in mixing.

With its single point of installation, the Legacy literally revolutionized mixing. The Legacy is the only mixer where the bowl swings out, making it simple to add ingredients, take out product, mount and remove the bowl. The spring-loaded bowl lock ensures that the bowl is properly in place for starting. You simply release the bowl-lock handle to swing out the bowl for easy access.

On the larger floor mixers—the 60-, 80- and 140-quart sizes—the Legacy has a Power Bowl Lift that raises and lowers the bowl at the push of a button. More than a convenience for the operators, the Power Bowl Lift increases productivity. The bowl itself sits six inches higher, making it easier for the operator to work with.

In the rapid pace of a busy kitchen, it’s not always easy to remember every little detail, like the time set for each speed a product is mixed. Hobart’s Automatic Time Recall remembers the last time for each speed, making it ideal for mixing multiple batches of the same product.

Making mixing really easy is the optional SmartPlus2™. It enables you to program up to four recipes, with five steps per recipe. It automatically changes speeds and starts a timer countdown without operator intervention.

Looking after the operator.

The Legacy has a number of protective mechanisms built-in. The bowl guard must be in place for the mixer to start. The bowl lock won’t allow the mixer to start until the bowl is secured. Further protecting the operator is bowl height sensing, a feature that ensures the bowl is fully raised before the mixer will operate.

Cleanup made simple.

The bowl guard is easily removable for cleaning. The splash guard does exactly what it says it does—prevents splash-out of product and ingredients. Even the base of the Legacy is designed for ease of cleaning. It features rounded corners with few seams, so there are fewer places for bacteria and soils to lodge and hide.

One Hobart mixer has been running since 1914. Now that's low cost of ownership.

The durability and reliability of our mixers are two of the factors that reduce the cost of ownership every single day. With the ease of use and efficiency of the Legacy mixer, you can add increased productivity and decreased labor to that lower cost of ownership.

The making of a Legacy. Durability and mix consistency come built-in.

To make a mixer that would live up to the tradition of Hobart longevity and dependability, the engineers at Hobart created a special motor design. In contrast to mixer motors that go from zero to full rpm in one burst, Hobart’s motor gradually increases rpm. This extends the overall life of the mixer by reducing pressure on critical components. That’s only one of the ways the Legacy ensures it will enjoy a long life.

The gears and shaft—made of heat-treated, hardened alloy steel—are sized to handle higher loads, as are the bearings. The motor and drive controller are heavy duty, specially sized to handle high-load applications. They can consistently work through tough dough recipes without bogging down, extending the overall life of the machine. The Legacy also has a cast iron construction transmission housing for durability.

Making the Legacy even more durable is the silver finish, which adds an extra layer of protection. Its self-healing properties provide a higher level of corrosion resistance. Like everything else about the Legacy, it’s been tested, undergoing thousands of hours of salt spray to prove that the Legacy mixer can stand up to whatever you throw at it.

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