Weigh Wrap Equipment

We’re always looking to tip the scales in your favor. Meet our newest innovation with the technology and software to support all your deli needs.

Introducing the HT Series Service Scales

Discover the deli technology once reserved only for your dreams.

Processing power. Intuitive design. Customizable features. See more of what the HT Series scales have in store for your business.

Interact with the HT Scale in 3D, rotate it around, explore features and learn about the key technologies that are Hobart's competitive advantage.

Start exploring.

The home screen: The hub for everyday tasks. From here employees can swipe to find what they need to complete transactions in seconds.

Swipe right: Customize any way you’d like. Go from PLU-matching based on employee experience or best sellers, to internal company software or web-based programs.

Swipe left: The depth and detail of information is up to you. Feature recipes, nutritional data, frequent shopper prices or any additional product information you need.

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A user-friendly interface and customizable options make each of the HT series models ideal for any-sized grocer. It all comes down to what you need under the hood.

Model HTs HTi HTx (Windows)
Processor IMX6 Solo IMX6 Dual Intel®ATOM N2600 QUAD 1.2GHZ
Program/Data Storage 8 GB 8 GB 2 GB DDR3 RAM
Scale Alerts Yes, message alerts, network connectivity, printer, and planograms updates Yes, message alerts, network connectivity, printer, and planograms updates. Yes, Message Alerts, Network Connectivity, Printer, and Planograms updates.
# of Swipable screens (GUI) 2 3 3
Wireless & Bluetooth Ethernet wired (Std.), wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n (Opt.) Wired and wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n (Std.) Bluetooth 2.1 (Opt.) 802.11 a/b/g/n (Std.) Bluetooth 2.1 (Std.)

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You Have The Power

Even at maximum usage, the HT Series scale processes at only 35% capacity. So as technology changes (and it will), you can count on the HT Series to keep up.

Speed Sells

Operators can navigate thousands of PLUs and additional product information in seconds. Everything your employees need to serve your customers is just a couple of swipes away.

Manage Promotions and Training

Customers can see stunning HD visuals that promote this week’s specials, in-store events and everyday products. Employees can gain training and expertise on the machine they’ll use.

Keep connected.

Built-in wired or wireless capabilities mean less down time and service costs. Run remote diagnostics and trigger upgrades to your system for maximum operational efficiency.

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