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Careers - Sharon"This year I am celebrating 10 years with Hobart, and I have been very fortunate to have a lot of different opportunities with the company over the years. I started as a part of sales training in California. Later I was a territory sales manager in Texas, a national account manager, a product line director for warewash equipment division, and currently I hold the position of a regional manager.

"With the diversity of customers on the chain side, varying from Disneyland to international customers, I get to travel a lot and have been able to visit Germany and Italy for my job.

"My career has been eye-opening and a very pleasant experience. At Hobart I found opportunity, flexibility, understanding and lots of friends."

Sharon - Regional Sales Director


Careers - Phil"I have been working for Hobart since the early '90s. I can look back at my history with this company and admit that I've never been bored. Coming here every day, you become committed to, and proud of, your job. You feel like you are part of something important, on a journey with a great company with a strong heritage, a wonderful team of people and an exciting atmosphere.

"Here at Hobart we believe in strong principles: quality, continuous improvement, accountability and ethical behavior. The company supports us in achieving personal development and overall growth. Hobart offers tuition reimbursement, training, seminars, trips and other programs that keep you growing, changing and allows for learning new things. As far as my personal development, Hobart has been a key point in helping me to become who I am today."

 Phil - Production Facilitator


Careers - Gary"I have stayed at Hobart because it is a flexible and quite understanding organization with quality people and quality products. Also, the company gave me an opportunity to advance my education and offers continuous challenges."

 Gary - Vice President, ITW Foodservice Business




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