Advansys LXGe Glasswashers

Let your drinks shine through with the glasswashers that eliminate chemical residue.



  • High-temperature washing and rinsing from a cold-water supply
  • Eliminates the need for chemical sanitizers
  • Energy Recovery system that eliminates steam
  • ENERGY STAR qualified with .62 gallons of water per rack  


  • PuriRinse system uses potable water to rinse off sanitizers
  • ENERGY STAR qualified with 1.14 gallons of water per rack

Here's to higher standards.

Your customers expect more from their drinking and dining experiences these days as they fill their glasses with craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, boutique wines and specialty nonalcoholic beverages.

Now you can be sure in knowing that nothing will get in the way of your customers enjoying the pure taste and care you pour into every glass. The all-new Advansys™ LXGe glasswashers clean and sanitize glassware with no chemical residue.

Both glasswashers are ENERGY STAR qualified with easy, one-button operation and a special "Soft Start" feature that helps protect glasses from chipping and breaking. With two available heights, compact design and high-end appearance, the Advansys LXGe glasswashers are an easy fit--even in the most exclusive establishments.

Glasswasher Drinks

Chemical residue: The unwelcome finish.

You want your establishment known for its signature beverages—drinks that keep your customers coming back for more. However, if you’re serving your beverages in glasses that have been cleaned by traditional glasswashing methods, your customers may remember your drinks for all the wrong reasons.

That’s because while three-compartment sinks and traditional dishwashers will clean and sanitize your glassware, they also leave behind a chemical residue that your customers can see—and sometimes taste. Then, you’re at risk of putting all the time and work into your beverages right down the drain. 

Better drinks. Better business. Made easy.

With Advansys LXGe glasswashers, serving your drinks in clean, sparkling glassware has never been easier -- or more energy efficient. Every feature is designed to help you save time and money, with superior cleaning performance that eliminates chemical residue so the full flavor and enjoyment of your beverages always shine through.

Save energy with every wash

Whether you choose the LXGeR high-temperature unit or hte LXGePR low-temperature unit, you can count on ENERGY-STAR qualified saving every time you clean your glassware.

On the LXGeR, an exclusive steam elimination and Energy Recovery system captures steam from the wash cycle, and then uses it for the next rinse cycle while running on a cold water line. The result? A dramatic reduction of steam and up to $485 in annual energy costs saved.*

The LXGePR low-temperature unit uses a potable water rinse to eliminate residue. Both units offer reduced water consumption, with the LXGeR using only .62 gallons per rack and the LXGePR using 1.14 gallons per rack.**

Simplified operation

From one-button operation to an automatic delime process, both the Advansys LXGe glasswashers are made to keep your glassware moving -- and drinks flowing -- even during your busiest shifts.

Built-in sensors notify operators of a clogged wash arm or dirty water on an easy-to-read display panel. In addition, the Advansys delime cycle automatically adjusts the recommended delime frequency based on water hardness. You can also help protect your glassware from chipping and breaking wtih a special "Soft Start" feature.

Improved aesthetics

Now, as you prepare your signature drink, your customers don't have to get a headful of steam or be exposed to unpleaseant chemical odors.  

The Advansys LXGe glasswashers take the glasswashing process out of view and tucks it away inside a sleek, stainless steel cabinet that fits right in to any decor.

*Based on 60 cycles per day. **Still within ENERGY STAR requirements.LXGe Chart_2.26



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