CLeR Conveyor-Type

Quick Facts

  • Brings Advansys Energy Recovery technology to conveyor-type warewashing
  • Captures the CLeR’s water vapor and condenses it to preheat the inlet water, reducing energy consumption
  • Combined energy and water savings of more than $11,000 a year:
    • $2,047 from Energy Recovery
    • $9,192 due to Hobart’s exclusive Opti-Rinse technology
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified, an ideal candidate for a sustainable operation
  • Large, hinged doors for easier interior cleaning
  • Simple controls for quick verification of machine status and water temperatures
  • Optional CLe Blower Dryer for ware that’s 98% drier

The most energy- and water-efficient conveyor-type Hobart warewasher ever. The Advansys™ CLeR.

cler chartThe Advansys CLeR brings Hobart’s Energy Recovery technology to the industry-leading water and energy savings of Opti-Rinse. The result? A conveyor-type warewasher with Hobart’s legendary longevity built-in that saves you so much in both energy and water, it could literally pay for itself within a few years, depending upon your warewashing volume. 

The CLeR is all CLe. The Advansys CLeR delivers the same great performance all CLe warewashers offer. All the features you love in the CLe, features that have made it the most popular conveyor-type warewasher in the field—from Hobart’s exclusive Opti-Rinse technology for 50% less energy and water usage than comparable models to the Power Scrapper and thermal layered curtains—are here in the Advansys CLeR. With its Energy Recovery, the CLeR is just more of a good thing.

Combined energy and water savings deliver an annual ROI in the five figures. With a combined savings of more than $11,000—$2,047 from Energy Recovery and $9,192 due to Opti-Rinse—the Advansys CLeR sets a new standard in the low-cost operation of a conveyor-type warewasher capable of cleaning and sanitizing up to 8,550 dishes an hour.

All the CLe’s savings are built into the CLeR. The CLeR has the identical integrated array of technologies and innovative designs that mark all CLe warewashers. Designed to save water, energy, detergent and labor, the CLeR is manufactured to truly legendary standards, standards of reliability and durability that have made Hobart conveyor-type warewashers the most popular in the industry.

A brief overview of the many additional saving features of the CLeR.

  • Auto-timer to save energy
  • Tanks designed to retain water temperature, reducing energy consumption
  • Cascading water system (on multi-tank models) to save water, energy and detergent
  • Power Scrapper designed to reduce water, energy, detergent and labor
  • Reliability and durability for lower cost of ownership