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Hobart's CLe commercial dishwasher is ENERGY STAR rated, saving you energy and water on every cycle.

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Hobart's CLe dishwasher is ENERGY STAR rated, saving you energy and water on every cycle.

CL<em>e</em> Dishwasher
CLeN Dishwasher

Launching at NAFEM on February 9, 2017

CL<em>e</em> Blower Dryer
CLe Dishwasher

The CLe features the most advanced technology in warewashing today, featuring large, hinged doors for easier access to the interior for cleaning.

Advansys CL<em>e</em>R Conveyor Type
CLe Blower Dryer

The CLe blower dryer provides ware that is 98% drier than ware washed without a blower dryer, allowing you to increase your operations efficiency.

Advansys CL<em>e</em>R Conveyor Type
Advansys CLeR Conveyor Type

The most energy- and water-efficient conveyor-type Hobart warewasher ever, the CLeR brings Advansys Energy Recovery technology (patent pending) to conveyor-type warewashing.


With the Hobart-exclusive Opti-Rinse™ technology using less than half the rinse water and half the energy compared to models without it, the CLe dishwasher can save you more than $9,000 a year. ENERGY STAR rated, it is an essential component of any sustainable foodservice operation.


In medium- and high-volume operations where the dishes keep on coming, the racks have to keep on rolling. Hobart reliability and dependability are legendary. In fact, Hobart commercial dishwashers have the highest documented uptime in the industry. Constructed of stainless steel, the CLe is built to last for years, saving you energy, water and money for years.