FT1000 Flight-Type 

The FT1000 Flight-type dish machine is updated with innovative technology and water, energy, chemical and labor saving features - built with the quality and durability you've come to expect from Hobart.

Quick Facts

Four new innovative features solves the challenges of the six elements of warewashing performance – utilities, labor management, cleaning performance, soil management, life cycle management and chemical optimization – while providing the lowest total cost of ownership of a flight-type in the industry.

  • Ventless Technology yields the industry's first ventless flight-type, which does not require a direct vent connection and provides savings of up to 22% annually over the previous model. 
  • Automatic Soil Removal uses specialized soil removal wash arms in a dedicated section to pump food soil from the machine before it reaches the prewash section, reducing tank refills per day and eliminating the need to pre-rinse ware prior to loading. 
  • Auto Clean allows operators to quickly and easily clean the machines at the touch of a button, saving up to 30 minutes of labor per day and using no additional chemical. Capless wash arms and the ability to leave curtains in the machines during the cycle aide in ease of use. 
  • Auto Delime makes the FT1000 the first flight-type with the ability to automatically delime the booster. Auto Delime also saves up to one hour of labor per delime cycle, and reduces delime solution by up to 50% with an automated process.    

Efficient > Reliable > Innovative

Enter the Hobart FT1000 Flight-Type Dish Machine: the first machine of its kind designed for the lowest total cost of ownership and improved care and operation across all six elements of warewashing performance—cleaning, life cycle, chemicals, soil management, labor and utilities—with the performance and quality standards customers have come to expect from Hobart. With patent-pending technology, the FT1000 boasts up to $26,000 in annual savings over previous Hobart flight-type models.


Six Elements of Dishwashing Performance

FT_6 Elements Header

FT_Life Cycle Management  With components such as advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics, automatic deliming of the booster, improved wash arms without end caps and no external vent chase to clean, the FT1000 is built to last through the most challenging of conditions. 
FT_Soil Management
With the Automatic Soil Removal (ASR) system, the FT1000 requires less operator pre-scrapping and eliminated the need to pre-rinse dishes. ASR also keeps wash tanks cleaner longer, maintaining machine performance throughout your shift and saving on the number of machine refills per day. 
FT_Chemical Optimization
Automatic Soil Removal (ASR) removes up to 80% of food soil before it reaches the prewash tank, reducing the amount of detergent required. Based on your facility's specific water conditions the FT1000 will alert the operator as to when and how much delime solution is required to maintain optimal performance without unnecessarily wasting costly chemical. The result is reduced chemical consumption by up to 25% over previous Hobart models. 
FT_Labor Management  With the Auto Clean and Auto Delime features, the FT1000 helps operators get the job done faster and more effectively, saving up to 30 minutes of labor per day. The FT1000 is the most user-friendly machine in the industry, complete with machine diagnostics and troubleshooting tips, and designed with you in mind. 
FT_Utilities  At 58 gallons of rinse water per hour, the FT1000 uses 50% less water than the previous Hobart flight-type model. And with 22% annual energy savings with optional Ventless technology, the FT1000 boasts the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. 



Water, Energy, Chemical and Labor Saving Technology

Automatic Soil Removal

Automatic Soil Removal

  • Eliminates need to pre-rinse ware
  • Reduces tank refills per day
  • Reduces chemical consumption by 25%
  • Prevents food soil from entering wash tank
Automatic Cleaning

Auto Clean

  • Labor savings of over 25 minutes per cleaning cycle
  • Easy-to-follow instruction prompts on controls
  • Capless wash arms prevent loss of caps
  • Curtains, wash arms and strainers stay in place during cycle
Automatic Delime

Auto Delime

  • Labor savings of over 50 minutes per delime cycle
  • Customized delime schedule, based on individual site water conditions
  • Delime solution savings of up to 50%
  • Improved life of machine components, including booster
Ventless Energy Recovery

Ventless Energy Recovery

  • Increased flexibility with no direct vent connection required
  • 22% annual energy savings
  • Lowest total cost of ownership for a flight-type in the industry
  • Industry’s first ventless flight-type

FT1000 Model Comparison Chart

FT Comparison Chart

*Yearly savings based on operational cost compared to Hobart FT900. 

Product Spec Sheets


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